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Radio show – On The Trail Of The American Honeybee

Click on the link below to go to BBC iPlayer, to listen to a 28 minute broadcast.

Dr Adam Hart meets the migratory bee keepers of America as they travel to the annual Almond bloom in California, the largest single pollination event on Earth.

Each year, from the end of February to early March, […]

Bath BKA: The Eagle Has Landed

Please see the below from Bath BKA. What a shed!!!


One small hut for a beekeeper, one exciting and at times stressful day for BathBeekeepers; I’m pretty sure the moon landings were a doddle by comparison!

I am pleased to announce that the hut made it up to the new site in one […]

Apiary Update 29th March – Brockley goes Live!!

Our new club apiary at Brockley Lane now has bees in residence. The three surviving colonies from Langford were moved across this morning.

One or two of them even stuck their heads out of the door in a sunny spell; they seemed happy with their new surroundings, but I told them it was far […]

2013 Beginners Course

David Welham reports the class all had a great time, and have passed the course!

The group can’t wait to get their hands on some bees at the club apiary, Ian appears to be very excited in the photos and is showing off his dance moves!

The dates for the 2014 course have been set, […]

NBU Alert – March 2013 – Starvation Risk from Cold Weather

March 2013 Starvation Risk. Important Information about Colony Food Levels.

With the continued poor weather looking to persist through to the end of March, colonies may be starting to run out of food (if they haven’t already). It would be advisable to check the food levels by opening the hive and making a very quick […]

Apiary Update 24th March

A huge Thank You to those hardy souls who braved the sub zero temperatures and biting winds to work in the apiary this morning.

We now have a hedge and mesh screen in place; if the thermometer ever manages to soar into the positive, who knows we might even see some bees flying in […]

Bee Stings – A medical discussion

William Lee, a Paramedic from Churchill Ambulance station gave a fascinating talk on anaphylactic shock on Saturday 23 March.

It was reassuring to learn how rare a condition it is, but should you suspect someone is going into anaphylactic shock following a bee sting quick action is required:-

1. Dial 999 (or 112), if you […]

January committee minutes published

The agreed minutes are now in the members only section.

This area is password protected, and for Clevedon and Blagdon members only – if you don’t know the password and think you should please email the webmaster via the “Contact Us” page.



ABKA AGM – 16th March 2013 – Chairs report

Bristol branch hosted the 39th AGM this year with an informative talk on Beekeeping in Iraq by Nawbash Mohammed, one of their members.

Unfortunately nobody at the meeting came forward to take over from Tony Davies, the retiring ABKA Treasurer. Tony has in fact divided up his previous role into two: the Treasurer […]

Bee stings- a Medical Discussion/First Aid ***This Saturday***

At 2pm on Saturday 23 March at Churchill War Memorial Hall, Paramedic William Lee will give a presentation on bees stings, Jon Webber will also be speaking providing a first hand account of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting.

There will be a shared tea afterwards, all welcome.