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Finding out about Bees – A video by Rob Francis

Our education officer, Rob Francis made this video to support some primary school talks he is due to give, it’s aimed at KS1 & 2 children

Well done Rob!

Bee Advised – June edition released

The June edition of “Bee Advised”, the newsletter of Avon Bee Keepers Association is out, you can find it here

March committee minutes published

Follow this link

If you don’t know the password, and think you should then contact the web master here

Beekeeping Year – June

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Continue with inspections Practice marking (and clipping) drones Ensure sufficient supers for main flow Extract full supers Continue swarm control Mate new queens Collect swarms (if you know how to)

Monitor mite drop <10 day OK (~400)

In emergency dust with icing sugar or 1 […]