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Did you give David Welham £30 on Sunday?!

A lady gave David £30 on Sunday at the club apiary, as a deposit for next years beginners course.

We don’t know your name!

Please get in touch with Wendy Welham (course administrator),

Thank you, and sorry!

Presidents BBQ report

This year the President’s BBQ was held in the south of France! No it wasn’t – it just seemed like that as the weather was absolutely perfect. And to be honest, so was the venue. Walnut Tree Farm in Kenn was a fantastic setting with plenty of places to sit in the sun or the […]

Beekeeping Year – July

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Continue weekly inspections Watch for swarms Add supers (up to 1 a week) Prepare extraction equipment and storage Place nucs into full hives or combine with current colonies Render wax scrapings, burr comb and brace comb


Monitor mite drop >10/day consider treatment

If colony […]