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October Committee Minutes

Are now live!

Check them out here

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Self Directed Learning Groups for BBKA Modules

It is not currently possible to find tutors do deliver BBKA Modules. The demand far exceeds the BBKAs capacity to provide tutors.

A good way round this is for members themselves to form their own groups for a specific module – setting up a Self Directed Learning Group – to individually take the correspondence course […]

Membership renewal 2013-14

It’s that time of year again… there is a slight increase in fees… but not much.

Please complete the forms here. The completed forms and payment can be sent to Richard Ellis, or handed in at the AGM.

If you’ve forgotten the password for the members section, please contact the webmaster here


Workshop Group on Queen rearing

There has been interest shown in the branch in developing skills in queen rearing, particularly following Ivor’s talk in October.

In the spring next year we are going to set up a workshop group to explore and try out the variety of ways in queen rearing. This group will meet initially (probably late March) to […]

Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing

Here’s an interesting video that Gerry Scott-Wilson found…

Bees pollinate a third of our food supply — they don’t just make honey! — but colonies have been disappearing at alarming rates in many parts of the world due to the accumulated effects of parasitic mites, viral and bacterial diseases, and exposure to pesticides and herbicides. […]

Queen Rearing with Ivor Davis

This coming Saturday – 5th October, 2pm start.

Meeting on queen rearing with Ivor Davis @ Churchill Memorial Hall, Ladymead Lane, Churchill, North Somerset, BS25 5NH.

As previously there will be no shared tea. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Beekeeping Year – October

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Check stability of the hives Reduce inspections Add mouse guards and protect from wood peckers etc. Heft hives and give last feed for winter

Monitor mite drop <10/day OK

>10/day (Apiguard not effective) consider Kramer plates or dusting with icing sugar

(Reproduced from “The Beekeeping […]