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December Newsletter

Please follow this link to find our latest newsletter.

It contains introductions from the new officers elected at the AGM, and some advice on oxalic acid from Ivor Davis.

There are also some photos from the AGM and Xmas meal.

2014 Activities Program now live!

John Banks has organised a wonderful schedule of events for us, check them out here

Some of the events such as skip making, and the trip to Otterry St Mary Bee Farm have limited places, so please sign up using the forms by the program.

BBKA Module 1 Honey Bee Management

We will be running a course in the new-year that will work towards taking the exam in March.

Ivor Davis has agreed to lead this. It will run for 6 alternate Thursdays starting on Thursday 9th January. It will take place at The New Inn in Backwell 7.30 – 9.30pm

This is a great opportunity […]

Beekeeping Year – December

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Relax Enjoy beekeeping from outside the hive Drink some mead if you have it.

Treat colonies with Oxalic acid, once and when minimal brood present

Monitor total mite fall (~2-300)

(Reproduced from “The Beekeeping Year” by Ivor Davis on the ABKA website)