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More taster sessions from Stephen Brain

Due to popular demand, Stephen has added two more dates… Sunday 6th July and Sunday 28th September 2014.

Full details can be found here

Greenbees – A video found by Adrian Wells

A video from Greenpeace that you may like to pass around.


Queens Market Place

Queens for sale!

The Queen Rearing Group is doing well, and there is some excess for branch members to take advantage of.

Full details of Queens for sale are here

Grafting Part II – Queen rearing update from Adrian Wells

Here’s an update from Adrian, which forms part of the Queen Rearing Group and their work:-

I checked my grafts yesterday (Saturday); none had taken, They should have been capped. I don’t know if the brood was chilled, or if I’d damaged the larvae.

I’ll try again when the weather is […]

Grafting – Queen rearing update from Adrian Wells

Here’s an update from Adrian, which forms part of the Queen Rearing Group and their work:-

I eventually got around to attempting to graft today. I intended trying for ten, but only managed to pull half that number of 1 day-old larvae.

I was doing this […]

NBU Alert – May 2014 – High Varroa populations

Message from the National Bee Unit:-

Many of our Bee Inspectors have reported a high population of Varroa mites in colonies across England and Wales. We believe these high levels are largely due to many colonies continually rearing brood throughout the mild winter. Continuous brood rearing dramatically reduces the efficacy of winter Varroatreatments such as […]

SOS from Jane House!

Jane says “I am running short of honey supers for a national hive. I was wondering whether anyone in our group had any they wanted to sell. My number is 01275 852077.”

Report – North Somerset Agricultural Show at Wraxall – Bank Holiday Monday

What a grand day out!

There were 21 of us in all, working in shifts throughout the day and most of us finished up with slightly sore throats, not to mention achy feet. The response from the public was great with the observation hive being the most popular exhibit on the stand. Thanks to member […]

Bristol BKA auction

Message from David Welham, branch President…

“Bristol branch are having an equipment auction on 17th May, 4.30pm at their branch apiary site. Full details are on the Bristol BKA website (”

Good luck bargain hunting!

Bank Holiday heads up….

Hi All, Don’t forget to keep checking your colonies for swarm preparation, even if you’ve already done everything.

I went through a colony today that I false swarmed 10th April, (single brood frame with queen and some brood placed in a 14×12 with 11 additional frames with starter strips. The parent hive moved to new […]