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Found Fat Face Cardigan!

A beige Fat Face ladies Cardigan, size 14 was left behind at the bee disease event.

If it’s yours please make contact via general enquires here

If it’s not claimed with 14 days, our apiary manager, David Capon, wants it.



Bee Disease Day – Photos

A fun and informative day was had by all, many cakes were eaten, and knowledge of bee disease was improved.

Many thanks to Annabel Lewis for pulling it all together, and Meg Seymour (Local Bee Inspector) for all her valued inputs.

Here are some photos of the day by our President, David Welham…

/* */ […]

Bee disease event this Saturday

There are a few spaces left if you haven’t already signed up (details here )

For those of you that have signed up, he’s the fine details you need….

Please arrive ready for a 9am start and bring your CLEAN bee suit, boots and new marigold/disposable gloves. If you do not have these you will […]

Insecticides by Adrian Wells

Below are two links relating to the world-wide issue of over subscribed insecticides; in particular neonicotinoids and related compounds. There are some chilling comparisons made with the problems induced by the use of DDT in the sixties. This Guardian article has some interesting links, one of which I’ve extracted.

I’m uncertain just how effective […]

Jamie Pike – Please get in touch!!!

Our treasurer has received your bank transfer, but needs some more details to register you with the BBKA.

Please contact our treasurer, Richard here

Bee Disease Education Day – 28 June 2014

North Somerset Beekeepers are hosting this one day training event from the Area and Local Bee inspectors.

When:- June 28th 2014, 9am – 4.30pm

Where:- Sidcot Quaker Meeting House, Oakridge Lane, Sidcot, BS25 1LT. Winscombe Community Centre, 11 Sandford Rd, Winscombe, North Somerset, BS25 1JA **Please note change of venue**

The day will be both […]

BIBBA 50th Anniversary Conference 2014

26 – 28 September 2014, at The Pavilion, Llangollen, North Wales

BIBBA are pleased to announce their 50th Anniversary Conference, in collaboration with SICAMM (Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis Melliferae Melliferae) their European partners. It will be hosted by South Clwyd BKA.

The focus is on bee improvement, bee breeding, queen rearing and the management […]

Honey bees secret world of heat revealed

Here’s an interesting piece fro the Daily Telegraph.

“The secret of honey bees’ success has been discovered living deep inside their hives – a special type of bee which acts like a living radiator, warming the nest and controlling the colony’s complex social structure.

The “heater bees” have been found to play a crucial, and […]

An easy swarm at the apiary this morning…

On arrival David Capon and Annabel Lewis found a small swarm on the grass in the middle of the site.

Nucs for sale

Sandu Baker-Hellings has four nucs for sale.

Mark, clipped and laying queens.

The nucs come on five national frames.


Contact Sandu here (QMP Sandu)