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Attending a Skep Making Course by Paul Fitzsimons

“What have we let ourselves in for?”

This was on all of our minds as we hit the first twenty minutes of the course. We’ll never manage to get started, let alone complete a skep! We were all thumbs. “Was that inside to out sideside?”, “Hold it upside down in the […]

New Swarm Video from Rob Francis

Tree Bumble Bees

As you are aware, most calls regarding swarms are in fact related to the Tree Bumble Bee. Rather than run about the countryside on spec, if the caller is unable to give a clear description, I have found that most are able to send images which makes identification a breeze. The next step is to […]

Bath and West Show photos

Here are some photos from our President, David Welham.

Many thanks go to Philip Clemente for all his hard work in pulling together a very successful stand again.

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