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North Somerset Times Piece – 27 July

Your Local Shows Need You!

We have recently had a very successful couple of days at the Portishead Show.

We met lots of people, made lots of friends and sold lots of honey.

The only disappointment was the low number of entries in the honey classes. It is entry into these classes that the shows depend on for their […]

Tickenham Flower Show – Sat 16 August

Janet McCulloch, our secretary says “Please find the show schedule and program here , it would be great to see as many club members as possible enter the honey classes”.

Bees for sale

Paul Fitzsimons says:-

I have National nuc on 6 frames (4 of which contain eggs/brood). It’s a2014 Queen (clipped and marked). £120.I also have 14 x12 on 11 frames ( 8 of which contain eggs/brood). It’s a2014 Queen (clipped and marked). £150.In my apiary near Easton in Gordano

Contact Paul here (QMP Paul)


Extractor metalwork for sale

Unused metal fabricated tray for a solar extractor as shown on the plan on our website. It cost £91 but I cannot complete it as the workshop has been postponed. Price by negotiation. Contact Rosemary via “enquiries” here

Nucs for sale

Stephen Brain has nucs for sale on 14″x12″ and national frames.


Contact Stephen (QMP Stephen Brain) here

The Portishead Show 26th and 27th July

Thanks to those of you who have volunteered to take a shift on our stand. Two more volunteers are needed to fill the Sunday lunchtime shift (12.40pm to 3.20pm). It is great fun and the time goes very fast so if you are interested contact Paul Fitzsimons as soon as possible:

Show rules

Honey […]

Hive Alive – BBC Two – Tuesday

BBC 2, 8pm Tuesday.

From the BBC website:-

“Honeybees are amongst the most amazing animals on the planet – but how much do we really know about this iconic insect of British summer?

At the height of midsummer, the busiest time for Britain’s honeybees, Chris Packham, Martha Kearney and Professor Adam Hart lift the […]

Nucleus for sale

On five 14×12” National frames, 2014 queen – laying prolifically and marked but not clipped. You will get 3 frames of eggs/brood at all stages and 2 frames of stores. 3-4 frames will be well covered with adult bees. £150

My apiary is in Ashton, Bristol BS3

For further information please contact […]

AFB in Weston-super-Mare

Philip Clemente reports there is a confirmed case of American Foul Brood in Weston.

Beebase shows this as four infected colonies (link here)

More information about AFB and how to recognise it can be found here

Information on what to do if you suspect AFB can be found on Beebase, the main actions to take […]