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Essential Item Purchasing Scheme Goes Live!

John Banks (our programme manager) has set up a scheme were we can use our collective buying power as a branch to get the items we all use at a better price. The items can be collected from John locally – so no more hanging around waiting for deliveries when you need items in a […]

‘Salter’s Soda Solution’

“Cleanliness is next to godliness“

Good apiary hygiene prevents disease. Clean tools and kit make your life easy as well.

Here’s a recipe for “Salter’s Soda Solution”, a mix our ex-President, master beekeeper Tom Salter used to teach.

You will need:-

A large lidded bucket (I recycled a chicken manure tub)

A […]

Queen for sale!

SOLD Clipped and marked green queen for sale.

Laying well, £25.

Contact Steve Robinson here (QMP Steve)

July Newsletter available

Read it here

Show news, updates from the committee and more!

Apiary gardening session this Wednesday 9 July

Assistant Apiary Manager Annabel Lewis says “The apiary is looking great, but needs a little tidy up. Please join me at 6.30pm on Wednesday 9th July. I want to weed the hedge, and remove rabbit guards which are restricting growth”.

Beekeeping Year – July

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Continue weekly inspections Watch for swarms Add supers (up to 1 a week) Prepare extraction equipment and storage Place nucs into full hives or combine with current colonies Render wax scrapings, burr comb and brace comb

Monitor mite drop […]