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Todays apiary session cancelled

Today’s apiary session (31 May) is cancelled.

The weather forecast is awful.

0845hrs 31 May


Branch Meeting – 6th June, 2pm, Churchill Village Hall

Don’t forget to come along to the next branch meeting which will be held on 6th June at 2pm at Churchill Village Hall. Stephen Brain will be talking on the subject of extraction. It is the last meeting before the summer break so a chance to update yourself on extracting before you have do it […]

Short bees and pollinators course at the University of Cambridge


Weekend course: “Bees, flies and flowers: the ecology of pollination and why it matters” 26 – 28 June 2015.

Are you worried about the plight of wild bees and other pollinators? These insects provide a crucial service pollinating crops and wildflowers. Yet there is widespread concern about their decline. This course will teach you […]

Honey Wanted

One of our members, Ian Cooper, is after you honey!

Ian says, “I want to buy lots of honey. All people have to do is bring their supers to my house, we’ll extract it, filter it, and bucket it, using all my equipment. No worries about labelling or jarring, just return home with an empty […]

Beecraft Hangout – April

The below video is from Beecraft Magazine’s April “Hangout” on swarm control

The next Hangout is on Wednesday, 20th May at 8.00pm BST when the topic will be Honeybee Health.

Beekeeping Year – May

Things to do this month:-

Move to 1 week inspection (or clipped queens) Look for drones & queen cells Put Queen excluders on Put first super(s) on Ensure Queen has plenty of room to lay Consider taking a small nuc to raise a fresh queen Consider Snelgrove split

(Important keep Queen laying but stop colony […]

The Beekeepers at NSAS, Wraxall

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Obs hive

The Spring Bank Holiday was a busy one for our Branch as you can see from these pictures. We had a larger area to fill as 2015 was the 1st North Somerset Honey Show and we had some bright yellow T-shirts to show off. Our very […]

Death of Ian Preece

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Ian Preece. Ian was a member of Bath for many years and was a past President of the ABKA and the BBKA. Ian was a good friend to our branch and always tried to attend our AGM, he will also be remembered as a […]

Kit For Sale

Derek Comerford in Clevedon has some kit he wants to sell. one Sherriff suit large one jacket and integral hood medium pair of gloves/gauntlets two packs Thornes smoker fuel If you’re interested contact Enquiries here […]