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Changes to Honey Legislation – England

It has been brought to my attention that the Honey (England) Regulations 2015 came into force on 24th June 2015, making Leaflet L010 obsolete. The wording of the regulations is clear, therefore to avoid repetition and reprint costs if future changes are made, the decision has been taken to withdraw Leaflet L010, both in hard […]

Ginny has a prolific queen

Ginny Gibbs says:-

“Thanks to Annabel and Rob taking over my colonies whilst my foot was broken I now have a prolific , but not really best tempered Queen from late 2014.

She has produced quantities of bees and honey this year AND not swarmy.

Please let everybody know so that she can be useful […]

Bee Gym Update

Please find attached the latest Bee Gym newsletter from Stuart Roweth, Bee Gyms can be ordered at a discount through our Essential Item Purchasing Scheme.

Essential Items Purchase Scheme – BeeGym, Chemical Varroa Treatment, Honey Jars – July 2015

The aim is to provide a self funding/non profit making scheme to enable Branch members to purchase commonly used essential Bee Keeping supplies at reduced costs using the power of bulk purchasing to further the craft of beekeeping whilst reducing our environmental footprint.

More details here


Apiary session today 26 July

Too wet to open up, feeding only today.



Beekeeping Research

I am a current undergraduate student in my final year at Durham University. I read Anthropology and for my dissertation I am conducting research into the practice of beekeeping.

I am conducting a research project into the cultural significance of beekeeping and the relationship between a man, his bees and the environment. In order to […]

Bees for sale

Jon Mangnall has changed job, and doesn’t have enough time to give to his bees anymore.

The bees are located on a site in Backwell, and can be moved, or left in situ if that suits.

Jon says:-

“The apiary site is just outside Backwell; a beautiful spot that I originally found through the pollination […]

CBeebies summer food event

BBC Learning is organising a 5 day event between 29th July and 2nd August, dedicated to promoting healthy eating and kitchen skills. The event is aimed at the CBeebies audience (0-6 year olds) and will look something like a mini festival with several stages and tents full of fun CBeebies themed activities, demonstrations and shows […]

Greetings from Api Tours!

Dear friends of bees and nature,

Summer is up and we are sending you a postcard with impressions from our recent Api experiences. You are warmly invited to take part on our Api Tours to Slovenia or other worldwide Api destinations: Sicily, Croatia, Israel, …

Greetings from Api Tours!

Best regards / Bien cordialement

Jasna […]

Club merchandise for sale

You may have noticed branch members helping at the North Somerset show wearing some bright yellow T-shirts with the branch logo embroidered on the breast. These were done by a local company, Monsoon, in Clevedon.

If you would like to order a T shirt, Polo shirt or sweatshirt with the branch logo please let me […]