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Nuc for sale

John Holland has a nuc for sale, on 14×12 National frames, more details here

Club honey extractor for hire

The club has an extractor for hire to its members.

£5 for a two day loan.

Book it by clicking this link

Bees & kit for sale

New listings in the Queens Market Place…


Paul Fitzsimmons has a nuc for sale and a full colony


SOLD Alison White has two complete hives and bees, along with all kit for sale


More details here

Bee Craft Hangout topics and dates

As promised here are the topics of Bee Craft’s hangouts/webinars for the remainder of 2015 and the scheduled dates for 2016. Please remind everyone the next one is taking place in a fortnight.


15th July Photography

19th August Discussion about Apimondia and what it is

16th September Removal of supers/treatment

14th […]

Portishead Show 25/26th July

It won’t be long until the first of our summer shows is upon us. The Portishead Show is on the weekend of 25-26th July. There are Honey classes to enter and we will be running our stand as usual. If you have honey to sell you will need to enter at least one class in […]