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Congratulations to branch member Reg Stevens who has been awarded the Legion D’Honneur for his role in the D Day landings.


Emergency Derogations: an Evidence-based Review The linked PDF, written in easy-to-understand language sets out to examine the requests for derogations to the current neonicotinoid embargo and comes to the following conclusions This report argues that:

1. This danger (of reduced crop yields and the inability to control pests by other means) was not evidenced in […]

New Pollination Dating Offer – Wrington

Approximately 2 acre garden and fields in hillside setting

Owners: Steven and Alison Smith

Tel no: 01934 863998

North Somerset Agricultural Show – Spring Bank Holiday – 2 May 2016

The Show was a great success for more information, click here: SHOW REPORT

Beekeeping Year – April 2016

For advice about what you should be doing with your bees in April, use this link: Advice for April 2016