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Introduction to Beekeeping 2018

The course is aimed at those who would like to learn about Beekeeping and perhaps take it up as a serious hobby.

Please follow this link for more information: 2018Brochure

Beekeeping Year – August

Things to do this month:-

Remove the supers for extraction Ensure the colony is left with space to hold ~35 lbs honey Extract and store honey Check water content and labelling requirements Clean supers (on colony and then using Certan etc.) Render wax cappings etc. Clean or replace dirty super frames Move old brood frames […]

PRACTICAL BEEKEEPING  – Improvers course leading to Basic Certificate

North Somerset Beekeepers are running this basic course again in the New Year (2018). It is designed for those who have been keeping bees for a year or two and leads, for those who are interested, to the Basic BBKA Certificate.

Details about what we cover can be found at:

The course will be […]