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 BEE IMPROVEMENT FOR ALL by Roger Patterson – 27 January 2018 at Portishead (9.30am – 4.30pm)

THE AIM is to encourage “ordinary” (that’s most of us!) amateur Beekeepers to assess their colonies with a view to improving their bees using criteria they set themselves, which could include improved temper and suitability to the locality Simple recording will give information on which colonies to cull and which to breed from. There is […]

CANCELLED – Update from our local Bee Inspector (Megan Seymour) on Saturday 7 October 2017 at Churchill

Meg Seymour talk 7th October CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to pressures of work related to the Asian Hornet situation, we have had to cancel Meg Seymour’s talk on Saturday. We hope to rearrange soon.