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BIBBA Conference 2018: 6th-9th September – Cirencester.

Following the well attended and interesting event by Roger Patterson of BIBBA (Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association) in Portishead in January 2018, more interesting talks and courses will be available at their conference in September 2018. For more information use the link below:

BIBBA Conference 2018

Bee Health Day 2 June 2018 Bristol Veterinary School Langford

Bee Health Day on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at Bristol Veterinary School, Churchill Building, University of Bristol, Langford House Langford, BS40 5DU. The event is organised by the North Somerset Beekeepers and APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency), it is also sponsored by BDI (Bee Disease Insurance). Presentations and workshops will be delivered by Bee […]

Monitored Asian Hornet Trap Sites

Monitoring again for 2018 – WE NEED MORE MONITORING SITES

5 current locations of daily monitored Asian Hornet Traps by North Somerset Beekeepers

Please forward an email with post code of the trap(s) to when you get your trap set up so your location can be added to the map.


Beekeeping Year – May 2017

For advice about what you should be doing with your bees in May, use this link: Advice for May 2018