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Bee Safari – 14th July 2019 – led by Meg Seymour

A bee safari is taking place for the North Somerset Beekeepers Club, led by our seasonal bee inspector Meg Seymour. This is a fantastic opportunity to see how Meg inspects a hive for health, development and what actions to take next, along with seeing where some of our members keep their bees. It […]

Essential Items Purchase Scheme 2019

The aim is to provide a self funding/non profit making scheme to enable Branch members to purchase commonly used essential Bee Keeping supplies at reduced costs using the power of bulk purchasing to further the craft of beekeeping whilst reducing our environmental footprint.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: We use your initial orders to gauge what […]

Beekeeping Year – June

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Continue with inspections Practice marking (and clipping) drones Ensure sufficient supers for main flow Extract full supers Continue swarm control Mate new queens Collect swarms (if you know how to)

Monitor mite drop <10 day OK (~400)

In emergency […]