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A request from the Apiary Manager David Capon

Dear All

As the new beekeeping season approaches I am looking for help in two areas:

Firstly to act as a mentor to a new beekeeper; I know that several of you have done this in the past, and if you are willing to do so again this year I would be grateful if you could email me to confirm this. There may also be people who have kept bees for a couple of years or more who may be willing to act as mentors, remember that you will have learnt a lot more than someone just starting out, and will probably have experienced most of the things your mentee might need help on. If you feel you are able to help please get in touch and I will add you to the list of potential mentors. I will try to arrange mentor mentee pairings as close to each other as I can.

Secondly to assist with Sunday sessions at the club apiary; again I know that some of you have done this on a regular basis for several years and would be grateful if you would let me know if you are happy to do so again this year. There are fewer people on the beginner’s course than in recent years so we are likely to need fewer experienced beekeepers on a Sunday, this hopefully will reduce the pressure on the regulars. It would also help if you could let me know of any dates when you are not available.

I will probably run the first sessions in April in the afternoon, as it has often been quite cold in the morning in early April. It is almost certain that we will be on our new site at Brockley as well by then, so this will reduce the travelling distance to those in the north of the area (but increase it for those of you in the south of course!)

I will also be organising a couple of Saturday morning sessions to help set up the new apiary site, I will be in contact with more details shortly, so watch this space.

Thanking you in advance

David Capon (Apiary Manager)

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