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ABKA Executive Committee – vacancies

Dear All
Please let your members know that there are two vacancies on the Executive Committee that we are looking to fill. They are:
    1. Membership secretary, and
    2. Treasurer
A reasonable level of basic computer skills, in particular using spreadsheets, is useful for the Membership Secretary’s post, and knowledge and experience of accounts is very desirable for the Treasurer’s post. The Executive Committee meets four times a year (currently in Chew Magna). More information about the responsibilities for these posts can be obtained from Tony Davies at
Both these posts offer opportunities for members to get involved in area level issues and are open to both novice and experienced beekeepers.
If you would like to be considered for either of these posts please send your details and a brief note about your aptitude, to me.
Rosemary Taylor
Secretary ABKA Executive Committee

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