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AFB in Weston-super-Mare

Philip Clemente reports there is a confirmed case of American Foul Brood in Weston.

Beebase shows this as four infected colonies (link here)

More information about AFB and how to recognise it can be found here

Information on what to do if you suspect AFB can be found on Beebase, the main actions to take are:-

  • Close the hive.
  • Reduce the hive entrance to prevent robbing – take other steps if necessary.
  • Disinfect your beekeeping equipment and gloves before examining other colonies, or if you use disposable gloves, select a new pair.
  • Either;
  • Contact your local Bee Inspector immediately or the NBU office. Click here to find out who your local Bee Inspector is.
  • Do not remove any colonies, equipment or honey from the site until the disease (if confirmed) has been controlled. This is a self imposed ‘Standstill’ which is a requirement under the legislation.

Please practice good apiary hygiene, please be way of any swarms taken from the W-s-M area.

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