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Anyone fancy a refractometer?

I’m going to purchase a “boy’s toy” as a Christmas present to myself :)

I’ve spoken to the firm and asked if they would be able to offer a volume/postage discount on multiple units. They have asked “how many?”

You’ll see the one-off price here,

About £22.10 all inc. Which is pretty good. I have used Gainexpress before and found them to be good to do business with.

Instruction manual here and a Wikipedia page here 

So, if you are interested in a group purchase, please let me know ASAP by contacting me here.

I would imagine that the final discount will be a $1 or 2, but the saving would be on the P&P. Some UK companies are selling the RHB-90ATC for a little over £24+ P&P so I imagine that there will some scope (no pun intended). Nothing ventured…

This is not a commitment to buy, but it would be nice to have firm requests – I’ll let everyone know the price final price.

If you should wish to purchase a unit, be aware that I will require cash up front as I will have to pay when ordering via paypal. For those that have not used ebay, paypal guarantee the transaction, and so your cash should be safe in the event of a rogue seller. (As I have said, I have dealt with this company several times).

Also be aware that items might be stopped by customs and import duty may be requested. This has never happened to me yet.

FYI I have been buying from China for several years now, (mainly electronics, but a wide area including bee-keeping) and have used the arbitration service 3 times having bought 100’s of items.

  1. Item was faulty and replaced.
  2. Item was faulty, full refund given.
  3. Item never appeared, full refund given. Item then appeared (and I re-paid for the item).

Kind regards


Swarm Liaison Officer

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