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Ivor Davis has an apiary site that he no longer uses. It belongs to Stuart Peachy who lives in Backwell but the site is off the Congresbury /Wrington road at the end of an ancient orchard. Stuart is a guy that likes to manage land as it was in medieval times so the site is good for keeping bees.

Ivor used to keep 6 hives there but has had to cut back and has not used the site for a couple of years. There is a fence to protect the site from animals and a shed there. Access is across the side of a field and most times is easily accessed in a car. When the weather is very wet you need a 4 x 4 but access is possible on foot through the field from the access track.

Rent is 12 jars of honey to Stuart each year. The map reference is 51.367627, -2.778921. Place these co-ordinates directly into Google Maps or Streetmaps (if you prefer looking at a 1/25,000
Ordnance Survey plan).

If you are interested, please email Ivor Davis on


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