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Apiary update

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on progress at our new apiary site in Brockley Lane will know that a working party laid bases for hive stands at the end of January and since then it has been very quiet. This is what has happened since:


We knew that Solarsense were planning to lay pipes for a ground source heat pump, and that this would impinge on the lower corner of our site; so we were keeping this part clear. Unfortunately they had to revise their plans for technical reasons and this meant that the area to be dug impacted much more on our site. Although they managed to avoid the line of our stands for the actual trenches, they were buried by the soil removed and the digger could not avoid running over some of them. After two days of digging the area looked like a disaster area and I feared that all our work had been in vain. However once the trenches had been filled I was able to uncover most of our stands although a few slabs had been damaged and had to be replaced.


Working in close co-operation with Solarsense we have now levelled and rotovated the site and we can now continue work on the apiary. Although it looks very barren at the moment once the grass starts to grow it will soon green up. The next task will be to erect a fence around our area and screen it off. Once we have done this we can get bees onto the site. I am aiming to have the apiary ready by early April.


The attached pictures show the story (Note that the hives shown are empty, there is an open day at Solarsense on Sat 1st March and the hives are there to promote the club at this open day).

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