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Apiary Update August 7th

I hope those of you who attended the opening last month were impressed with our apiary; it has certainly come a long way in the last eight months.

We now have a total of 20 hives on the site, 12 of these belong to members and 8 are the clubs. We are building up the club stock after moving from Langford in the spring with only 3.

Annabel Lewis has kindly agreed to take responsibility for the gardening side of the site; she was busy last Sunday with a couple volunteers planting shrubs in the drizzle. After the recent dry spell the newly sown grass was beginning to look in danger, but the recent rain has greened everything up.

The photos below show the apiary as it is now looking; my favourite is the line of bees drinking in the sunken bath.

David Capon

Apiary Manager

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