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Apiary Update

Those of you who were at the AGM will know that, due to work and other commitments, Ashley has relinquished the role of Apiary Manager. This had led to me achieving the most rapid promotion of my life; from part-time volunteer to Manager in under a year! I am sure you would all join me in thanking Ashley for the work he has put in and the improvements he has made to the Langford Apiary.

Unfortunately, the weather has wreaked havoc yet again, with the recent heavy rain flooding the apiary twice in as many weeks.

Fortunately, the hives have all survived, although the chippings and membrane have suffered considerably.

The Branch hives have all been fitted with mouse guards, and roof insulation added. The next task will be to apply oxalic acid, which should happen in the next 6 weeks, depending on the weather. I suspect that they will also need feeding with fondant before too long as some of the hives are quite light.

I am looking forward to the challenge of managing the Branch’s apiary and hope that I will be able to continue to take it forward. I am sure that I will need to call on the advice and expertise of more experienced members as we face the challenges ahead; hopefully the weather next year will be more conducive to bee-keeping than it has been this year.

David Capon

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