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Apiary Working Party – Saturday 8th June

Dear All:     Brockley Apiary

The apiary site is progressing well, but needs a few more jobs doing before the planned opening in July. The most critical is completing the felting on the shed roof. I had hoped to have this done by now, but unfortunately I had insufficient help at the last working party to do this. I know that this was partly due to the fact that not all members were emailed about it.

I would like to complete this task on Saturday 8th June starting at 10 am.  There are also a couple of other jobs that I could really use some help with; namely digging a hole to sink the bath tub in (our water feature), and spreading bark chippings under the hedge. If enough people turn up it should not take long.

Please email me at to let me know if you are able to support me in this.

If you could bring tools appropriate to one of the jobs it would help, hammer, old paint brush, short ladder for roofing; picks, spade shovel for bath sinking, wheelbarrow for chipping spreading.

Thanking you in anticipation

David Capon

Apiary Manager

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