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Langford Apiary (Pre-2013)

The club apiary was sited at Langford until 2013.

The site served us well for a number of years, but had some flooding and access issues that made us move to our current site at Brockley.

The information below is there for all to remember the site…



Apiary News

The apiary at Langford is home to five of our own colonies and has space for up to twenty five member’s hives. The branch hives are a mixture of Deep National (14×12) and Commercial hives. These hives give prospective beekeepers the chance to handle bees and get a feel for managing a hive.

New beekeepers are encouraged to keep their hives at the branch apiary in their first year of beekeeping. Throughout the summer regular sessions are held on a Sunday where experienced beekeepers are on hand to help new members manage their hives. These sessions are also open to prospective beekeepers who may be thinking of taking up the hobby.

The sessions will resume in April, more details will be available here nearer the time; if you are interested in attending a session or learning about beekeeping please contact the Apiary Manager or Branch Secretary.

Unfortunately the recent bad weather has resulted in the Langford Apiary flooding several times. Although the bees and hives have all survived it has caused us severe problems. The branch is actively seeking an alternative site, watch this space for developments

David Capon (Apiary Manager)


Our apiary is located off Blackmoor Lane, Lower Langford – a map is here, come through the gate and follow the hedge on your right until you see the hives :-)