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Avon AGM report

I attended the Avon AGM last Saturday and this is a brief resume of the meeting.
A talk was given by Hasan al Toufailia who is a PhD student at Sussex University studying under Francis Ratnieks. His talk was on the use of oxalic acid and its efficacy in dealing with varroa.
His experiments used three ways of applying oxalic acid to colonies i.e. dribbling, spraying, and sublimation and then counting the fatality rate of each method.
The conclusions drawn were that sublimation was the most effective and caused least on- going effects to the colonies treated, the least effective was spraying the frames.
Due to the fact that sublimation is the most dangerous to humans and needs special equipment it was thought that dribbling in January was the best solution.
Drone trapping and icing sugar were proved to have little effect on mite numbers but should be used as part of an IPM programme.
I understood that this talk will also be presented at the Spring Convention.
The business meeting followed without any problems, apart from finding officers to fill vacant posts, such as Hon Sec. , Education Officer, Publicity Officer, Membership Sec.
David  Maslen was re elected as President and Anne Rowberry from Bath was elected Chair.
Can I appeal for volunteers to serve on the ABKA exec. it is only four meetings a year!
The next AGM will be hosted by Weston provisionally on the 19th March 2016
Best wishes David Welham – President

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