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BBC Horizon – What’s Killing Our Bees?

On Friday 2nd August  9pm BBC2 An Horizon Programme on latest research into honey bees.

The programme includes work currently being done at Bristol University with Professor Daniel Robert and his team  (who will be speaking  about their work at our AGM in November 2014).

Our own Phil Clemente was in attendance at the filming to ensure the bees behaved themselves – but unfortunately  he does not appear on the programme.

Rob Francis – Education Officer

Update 30/07/13

I have just received this from Professor Daniel Robert about the Horizon programme

The focus of the piece on Friday has been sharpened to the decline of bees (a important issue to focus on indeed), and therefore, they let me know that the piece they filmed with us on our research, has been taken out. The producer was very apologetic about it, and promised (!?) that we are not forgotten… but the time allocated was used in a different way than they had planned for the Horizon special

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