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Bee Safari – 7th May 2016

Bee Safari led by Meg Seymour 7th May 2016
A bee safari is taking place for the North Somerset Beekeeping Club, lead by our seasonal bee inspector Meg Seymour. This is a fantastic opportunity to see how Meg inspects a hive for health, development and what actions to take next, along with seeing where some of our members keep their bees.  It will also enable you to compare their bees’ progress with your own, and to pick up and exchange tips with one another. It is also a great chance to meet up with other beekeepers and swap bee stories.
We will be visiting 5 apiaries in the Backwell to Clevedon area, 3 in the morning followed by a lunch break, then two in the afternoon finishing with tea and cake. You can attend all day, morning or afternoon or just a single apiary. The intention is not necessarily to look at all colonies in an apiary, but just a few to give an idea of what is happening for each beekeeper.
This event is FREE and is currently only open to members of the North Somerset Beekeeping Club due to there being limited places.  However, should the take up not be as expected we will open it up to non-members for a minimal charge.
We will provide full addresses and postcodes for the apiaries we are visiting to those that sign up to attend. Please do not bring any children (unless they are club members) or animals to this event.
Agenda:  (Timings give a generous lunchtime to act as a buffer so that we can all ‘catch up’ if necessary from any earlier over runs.)
9.30 am Meet for coffee & biscuits at Annabel Lewis’s Apiary in Backwell.
10/10.15 am Inspect Annabel’s bees.
10.45 am Leave Annabel’s.
11 am Meet at and inspect Rob Francis’s apiary, Flax Bourton.
11.45 am Leave Rob’s.
12 pm Meet at and inspect Ginny Gibbs’s apiary, Barrow Gurney.
12.45 pm Lunch at Ginny’s – bring your own lunch and drinks.
🐝 There is the option to order a pastie for lunch, meat or cheese & onion at a cost of £3 each. See sign up form for details!
2pm Leave Ginny’s
2.15 pm Meet at and inspect David Capon’s apiary at Weston-in-Gordano.
3pm Leave David’s
4pm Meet at and inspect Caroline Cherry’s apiary in Clevedon.
Please note that Caroline’s garden is quite steep and there is a bit of an up hill walk to get to her bee hives‼️
Finish with tea and cake in Caroline’s garden.☕️🍰
What to bring:
  • A clean bee suit.
  • Disposable or washable gloves e.g. Marigolds.
  • Wellington boots or other suitable foot wear.
  • Drinks & packed lunch (or order a pasty on sign up).
  • Mug – if you want tea or coffee at the venues where they are offered.
  • Camera if you like.
It is important that we do not spread disease so only Meg and the beekeeper will be using their hive tools and other equipment which will be sterilised as we go along.
Information on the Safari Day can be found at the following link:

Bee Safari - 7th May 2016

Please complete the details below to sign up for the Bee Safari.  You will receive a confirmatory email after you have supplied the requested information and hit the SIGN UP button.  If you do not receive confirmation, check your JUNK mail box.

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Attendees #1: jenny w.
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#3: Caroline C.
#4: Juliet C.
#5: Steve W.
#6: Gail and Gerry S.
#7: Gail and Gerry S.
#8: Lyn B.
#9: Emma B.
#10: Rob F.
#11: Jane O.
#12: David C.
#13: Richard B.
#14: Paddy B.
#15: Annabel L.
#16: Ian C.
#17: Keith B.
#18: hugh j.
#19: Scott F.
#20: Michael B.
#21: Ginny G.
#22: Juliet C.
#23: james l.
#24: Alison W.
#25: John M.
#26: Martin G.
#27: Kate B.
#28: Sarah L.
#29: Chris F.
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