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Bee stuff for sale

After 14 years I have given up beekeeping so have equipment for sale. Before advertising nationally I would like to offer it to branch members.  All sales cash only please.  Mike Edwards at Portishead Telephone 01275842431.

1 x National bee hive consisting of  1 x heavy duty wooden hive stand,1 x open mesh floor, 1 x solid floor, 1 x entrance block, 1 x mouse guard, 1 x national 14″x12″ deep brood box, 1 framed queen excluder , 6
x supers, 1 x crown board, 1 x roof.       £69.00

1 x national brood box make me an offer    3 x WBC supers make me an
offer 1 x WBC brood box make me an offer. 12 x wired 14″ x 12″ sheets foundation  £6.00 18 x unwired sheets of cut comb foundation.£5.00 1 x stainless steel comb cutter £8.00 2 x contact feeders £1.50 each 2 x new 15lb honey storage buckets £1.00 each 2 x uncapping forks £1.00 each 2 x hive tools £1.50 each 1 x frame cleaner tool £1.50  3 pairs sting proof bee gloves 2 x hooded veils with zips ( spaceman type )  made by BB Ware £10.00 each 1 x large white boiler suit £2.75 1 x bee jacket with throw back veiled hood ( spaceman type ) full length zip velcrose fasten pockets colour beige made by Bee Basic £15.00 1 x beekeepers safari helmet plus rigid veil £12 .00
1 x stainless steel honey extractor ( manual ) works in three stages Stage 1 extraction Stage 2 passes through s/s strainer Stage 3 passes into honey settling tank £98.00  1 x stainless steel honey settling tank 20″ high x 13″ diameter £25.00 1 x solar wax extractor ( home made
) £ 4.00
1 x nucleus hive for 14″ x 12″ frames 1 x swarm box £2.00
approximately 10 lbs extracted bees wax  make me an offer  1 x small brass wax smelter to melt and pour your wax to make candles, polishes, cosmetics or trade for foundation. 1 x tin plate smoker £2.00  1 x large stainless steel smoker with cage guard £5.00

Make an offer for the following books
Beekeeping Study Notes for BBK certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry  260 pages super condition  Practical Beekeeping by Clive de Bruyn 288 pages super condition.  Guide to Bees and Honey by Ted Hooper 272 pages very good condition.

Practical Bee Guide third edition by Rev. J.G.Digges M.A.
this is a collectors book 230 pages fair to good condition    published

also a number of paper backs

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