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Beekeeping Research

I am a current undergraduate student in my final year at Durham University. I read Anthropology and for my dissertation I am conducting research into the practice of beekeeping.

I am conducting a research project into the cultural significance of beekeeping and the relationship between a man, his bees and the environment. In order to carry out my research I intend to engage in the following activities:

  • Participant observation, whereby I would visit a beekeeping society meeting in order to observe the social dynamics and how discussions are constructed regarding bees.
  • I would like to conduct semi-structured interviews, with the aim of gaining an insight into the individual’s experience and knowledge of beekeeping.
  • I would like to distribute a questionnaire to be filled in.
  • Finally I would also like to take photographs and film certain aspects of beekeeping life.

If you feel uncomfortable or distressed at any time you may withdraw yourself and your data from the research project.

Complete anonymity and confidentiality will be maintained throughout the research and the written report. If you would like a copy of the final report of my findings I will provide my contact details and will provide a copy to you in April 2016.

If you are not comfortable with photographs or the use of film these methods will not be used and you may still participate in the research project.

In order to participate in the research project please contact me

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