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Bees for sale

Jon Mangnall has changed job, and doesn’t have enough time to give to his bees anymore.

The bees are located on a site in Backwell, and can be moved, or left in situ if that suits.

Jon says:-

“The apiary site is just outside Backwell; a beautiful spot that I originally found through the pollination dating service.  I have 3 colonies in red cedar deep national hives plus one spare hive and a number of supers (6 assembled, 3 still flat-packed mostly without frames I’m afraid).  All bees are local mongrels, originally started from a nuke bought from Phil Clemente.  Everything is for sale, ideally to someone who’d like to keep them where they are (Martin who owns the land where they’re sited is very keen to still have bees there).  I think he’d be happy to have other bees move in if nobody local wants to take mine on.  I’d originally listed them for sale on the BBKA site forum (at



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