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Bees & Teas

As April is imminent (or even arrived when you read this) some arrangements for the NSBK Bees & Teas sessions need to be sorted out. There were about a dozen positive responses to the preliminary announcement last September, but if you want to add your name to the list of participants, please email me as soon as possible.
Once the scheme gets going all responsibility for group membership and the scheduling of group meetings will devolve to the individual groups. I am only trying to kickstart the programme, not control it! The original ground rules were agreed to be:
1. Establish local groups with 2 – 8 members,
2. With 8 members, hold fortnightly meetings,
3. Each member hosts in turn and provides tea & cake,
4. Colonies to be inspected only if weather permits,
5. Home or out apiaries can be visited.
I guess meetings will last about 90 mins. There is only so much cake
you can eat…
I think that geographical proximity might be useful, so we could start with four groups roughly centred on Nailsea (north), Clevedon (West), Blagdon (south) and Winford (east). But clearly friendships over-rule geography. How does that sound?

Looking forward to meeting up, in the sunshine, to discuss bees, and eat cake.


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