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Branch Honey Show – 14th February

Our branch Honey Show is taking place on 14th February at Tickenham Village Hall.  To make the show a success, we need plenty of entries in all categories for David Capon to judge.  David will also be giving a commentary on what he is looking for when he judges the entries.  There are 9 categories of entry, including your own honey, comb and wax, honey cake, biscuits, fudge and photographs.  Attached is the schedule which describes requirements for each category, including recipes.

Entries are accepted from 13:30 with judging starting at 14:30.  Please leave plenty of time for completing entry papers and labelling and staging your products.

Entrance is free and the event is light-hearted and informative. So come along and support our local show.  Help on the day is also appreciated so contact me if you are interested.

Branch Honey Show Schedule

NB – Please note there was an error in the Celsius temperature given for the fudge. It should be soft ball stage which is 240 Fahrenheit, but this is 116 Celsius, not 126 C as stated. The attachment above is now correct.

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