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Brockley Apiary update

We have reached an agreement with Solarsense UK Ltd (for more information about them visit to use a section of their site at Brockley Lane as a club apiary. I have done some initial clearance of the site and marked out spaces for hive stands. We are going to lay paving slabs as bases for the hive stands and need some manual labour to help lay these. Slabs and aggregate are now on site (apologies to Travis Perkins for getting their lorry stuck!)

I am hoping to have a working session on Saturday 26th Jan from 10.00 to 12.00, weather permitting. If you are able to help, even for a short time, it would be greatly appreciated.

If possible please bring with you a selection of the following: spade, shovel, pick, rake, spirit level, wheelbarrow, any other tool needed for slab laying which I have forgotten.

There is good parking on site and a toilet, which to be honest needs a bit of cleaning, but it’s there if you are desperate!

The site is located in Brockley Lane, the postcode for Solarsense is BS48 4AH. The easiest way to approach is from the A370; at the traffic lights at the bottom of Brockley Combe turn into Brockley Lane, this is the small road opposite the road that goes up to the airport. Follow this lane, at the fork follow the road to the right (signed Chelvey, Nailsea) and after about 200yds you will see the gate to the site on your left. It is the site of the old Chelvey kennels. If you are approaching from the north of the district you can reach the site across Kenn Moor if you know the way.

Please do not reply to me about this, just turn up if you can; if the weather looks iffy I will post on Twitter and the website on the morning.

Looking forward to seeing you

David Capon (Apiary Manager)

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