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Beekeeping Year – February

Things to do this month:-

Read and study Watch the bees for pollen intake Plants (Crocus, Salix, Viburnum, Blackthorn….) Consider stimulating by feeding Watch for dead hives (varroosis) Tidy up the apiary whilst the bees are not flying much Clean (& repaint) varroa monitoring boards […]

Beekeeping Year – January

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Clean and prepare spare equipment (Supers, Nuc boxes, Replacement brood frames, Spare brood boxes, Queen excluders) Plan your activities for the year (Increase, maximise honey crop, queen replacement, queen rearing, new techniques) Attend all branch meetings Read some beekeeping books Consider taking some assessments (Basic, Husbandry, Modules […]

Beekeeping Year – December

Things to do this month:-

Relax Enjoy beekeeping from outside the hive Drink some mead if you have it.

Treat colonies with Oxalic acid, once and when minimal brood present

Monitor total mite fall (~2-300)


Beekeeping Year – November

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Go on holiday Study for BBKA exams Go to Branch AGM Clean up apiary Clean tools and equipment Sell surplus honey Leave bees alone


(Reproduced from “The Beekeeping Year” by Ivor Davis on the ABKA website)

Beekeeping Year – October

Things to do this month:-

Check stability of the hives Reduce inspections Add mouse guards and protect from wood peckers etc. Heft hives and give last feed for winter Monitor mite drop <10/day OK >10/day (Apiguard not effective) consider Kramer plates or dusting with icing sugar […]

Beekeeping Year – September

Things to do this month: Feed colonies that need it Reduce to planned number of colonies Prepare for Honey shows Expect more nectar flows Reduce inspections to fortnightly Expect reduction in colony size and brood area Remove Apiguard trays […]

Beekeeping Year – August

Things to do this month:-

Remove the supers for extraction Ensure the colony is left with space to hold ~35 lbs honey Extract and store honey Check water content and labelling requirements Clean supers (on colony and then using Certan etc.) Render wax cappings etc. Clean or replace dirty super frames Move old brood frames […]

Beekeeping Year – July

Things to do this month:-

Continue weekly inspections Watch for swarms Add supers (up to 1 a week) Prepare extraction equipment and storage Place nucs into full hives or combine with current colonies Render wax scrapings, burr comb and brace comb Monitor mite drop >10/day consider treatment If colony is going to produce honey only […]

Beekeeping Year – June

Here’s what you should be doing this month:-

Continue with inspections Practice marking (and clipping) drones Ensure sufficient supers for main flow Extract full supers Continue swarm control Mate new queens Collect swarms (if you know how to)

Monitor mite drop <10 day OK (~400)

In emergency […]

Beekeeping Year – March

Things to do this month:-

Ensure beekeeping clothing is clean and ready for use Go to Branch apiary practice meetings Take Modules Go to Avon AGM Plan shopping list for the year and consider visiting BBKA Spring Convention near Telford First quick inspection Prepare to wash/replace gloves if diseased/ dead hive found Have a bucket […]