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NBU Alert – August 2015 – Starvation Risk

In many areas of the UK nectar flows have ceased and reports are coming in from Regional and Seasonal Bee Inspectors of starving bee colonies, where the beekeeper is not aware that the bees are severely short of food, or the colony(s) have already starved to death. It is also apparent that Wasps are becoming […]

Discovery of Small Hive Beetle in Italy

BBKA representatives attended the meeting of the Bee Health Advisory Forum held at Defra’s offices on Millbank, on 23 September 2014. At our request, the discovery of Small Hive Beetle (SHB) in South West Italy was a priority item on the agenda. We learned that the Italian authorities have established a 100km exclusion zone around […]

NBU Alert – Autumn Preparation

Message from the National Bee Unit:-

We have received reports from our Appointed Bee Inspectors that many colonies are showing signs of high Varroa infestations and consequently bee deformities.

If you have not already done so, it may be worthwhile to treat your colony with a registered varroacide. When administering a treatment, please use a […]

NBU Alert – May 2014 – High Varroa populations

Message from the National Bee Unit:-

Many of our Bee Inspectors have reported a high population of Varroa mites in colonies across England and Wales. We believe these high levels are largely due to many colonies continually rearing brood throughout the mild winter. Continuous brood rearing dramatically reduces the efficacy of winter Varroatreatments such as […]

Reporting suspect sightings of the Asian hornet

Message from the National Bee Unit (NBU):-

As many of you know, the Asian hornet, Vespa velutina, is a predator of honey bees and other beneficial insects. It has recently extended its geographical range from Asia to mainland Europe following an accidental introduction to France, and is now also present in Spain, Belgium, Portugal and […]

NBU Starvation Warning

Please see below warning notice circulated by the National Bee Unit…

With the continued mild weather persisting past winter, it is possible that some colonies may be getting low on food reserves. This will be particularly true in warmer areas of the UK where brood may have been reared throughout the winter. If you have […]

NBU Alert – March 2013 – Starvation Risk from Cold Weather

March 2013 Starvation Risk. Important Information about Colony Food Levels.

With the continued poor weather looking to persist through to the end of March, colonies may be starting to run out of food (if they haven’t already). It would be advisable to check the food levels by opening the hive and making a very quick […]