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Kit for sale

Jonathan Jutsum has some kit for sale, contact him here (QMP Jonathan) if interested:-

Brood box – Deep National £30

Honey Extractor – Used twice – same as this one – £230

Bees for sale

Jon Mangnall has changed job, and doesn’t have enough time to give to his bees anymore.

The bees are located on a site in Backwell, and can be moved, or left in situ if that suits.

Jon says:-

“The apiary site is just outside Backwell; a beautiful spot that I originally found through the pollination […]

Nuc for sale

John Holland has a nuc for sale, on 14×12 National frames, more details here

Bees & kit for sale

New listings in the Queens Market Place…


Paul Fitzsimmons has a nuc for sale and a full colony


SOLD Alison White has two complete hives and bees, along with all kit for sale


More details here

Commercial Nucs for sale

Brian Campbell has four commercial nucs for sale, more details here

Queens Market Place open for business!

The Queens Market Place is open again, a place for members to buy and sell bees.

You can find it here

John Holland is our first seller this year, with a nuc.

Check out the marketplace for full details

Commercial Nuc for sale

Commercial nucleus for sale 2014 queen unmarked and unclipped. 2 frames of brood with eggs, larvae, and capped brood. 1 frame of stores, and two frames of drawn or partially drawn foundation. £150

My apiary is in Portishead and I live in Nailsea.

For further information please contact Tim here (QMP Tim)


Bees for sale

Paul Fitzsimons says:-

I have National nuc on 6 frames (4 of which contain eggs/brood). It’s a2014 Queen (clipped and marked). £120.I also have 14 x12 on 11 frames ( 8 of which contain eggs/brood). It’s a2014 Queen (clipped and marked). £150.In my apiary near Easton in Gordano

Contact Paul here (QMP Paul)


Nucs for sale

Stephen Brain has nucs for sale on 14″x12″ and national frames.


Contact Stephen (QMP Stephen Brain) here

Nucleus for sale

On five 14×12” National frames, 2014 queen – laying prolifically and marked but not clipped. You will get 3 frames of eggs/brood at all stages and 2 frames of stores. 3-4 frames will be well covered with adult bees. £150

My apiary is in Ashton, Bristol BS3

For further information please contact […]