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Welcome to the Swarm Collectors Page

Please use this as your first port of call for information. If you have questions, ideas for improvement etc. please do pass them on.

All documents are a ‘work in progress’ and open to discussion and change!


SC = Swarm Collector
SLO = Swarm Liaison Officer

The following documents explain how I would like swarm collection to work; the intention is to make collection easy to manage and to have a structure for the dispersement of swarms & resultant colonies and a method for passing on skills.

Please note the following aims:

  • The destination of a swarm is at the discretion of the Swarm Collector – You have invested money, time and effort, you choose! But offering them for development into saleable colonies would be appreciated & rewarded.
  • Charging for the removal of swarms should be dissuaded.
  • Charging for ‘raw’ swarms should be dissuaded – The intention is to give them away, or give added value by quarantine and proof of productivity, thus selling them as working colonies.
  • It is intended that the sale of developed colonies should be kept low with income split between the person managing the colony, the Swarm Collector (travel expenses) and a percentage to the club to promote colony expansion.
  • New bee-keepers and those hit by heavy loss should have preferential access to unwanted swarms and resultant colonies.
  • The number of Swarm Collectors should be increased and members trained in swarm collection.
  • Information about swarms should be collated – a project to understand more about swarms.
  • Education – to educate the public at every chance and to promote the art of bee-keeping.

This all sounds rather grand, but is really quite simple and should be explained within the following documents.

Swarm Collection Overview PDF

What equipment do I need? PDF

How to catch a swarm? PDF

Telephone Swarm Details PDF

Swarm data

Note that at the moment this site is not functional but will allow you to manage data about swarms that you collect and manage when you are available to for swarm collection.

The temporary credentials are fred/1234

  • If you would like to help, contact me here indicate your experience; competent/noob will do.
  • If you will be looking for a colony this year, contact me here and indicate why; start-up/loss will do.

I will get back to you with more detail.

If you have any questions please do ask.

Have fun,