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Countryside Day for Children

These pictures show the calm before the storm!

Four of us manned the tent at this yearly Wraxall show for schoolchildren from North Somerset and Bristol. Led by Rob Francis, who had worked hard to put together a touchy-feely experience for the children, Bob South, Phil Clemente and I spent fours hours in the baking sunshine (well somebody has to do it!) talking to the children about bees. We had a suit for them to try on, an extractor, a virtual hive and the one item that gets everyone excited, children & adults alike – an observation hive! There was much competition to see who could spot the Queen first. Those who did were presented with a sticker saying:

I found the Queen!”

We ran out of these as I am told there are upwards of 3,000 children visiting the show. By 2.15 p.m., I think we had made the acquaintance of most of them!

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