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Courses – Basic, woodwork, microscopy

BASIC Course: For those who have been keeping bees for a year.

Starting on alternative Tuesday evenings from January  20th  at Kenn Village Hall. The course aims to help you build on your current experience to develop your beekeeping skills further. The cost is heavily subsidized by the branch and will only cost £10. For further information or to sign up contact me here (Education Co-ordinator)


WOODWORKING: Build your own equipment:  including Nucs, dummy boards, feeders, modified crown-boards etc

It is hoped to run a series of woodwork workshops during the winter months to build hive parts for your apiary. All you will need to bring with you will be basic woodworking tools and a work-bench. The cost will be dependent on what you make. The evening are likely to be Thursday and the venue Kenn Village Hall.

Before this gets off the ground we need to gauge potential support.

Could you let me know here (Education Co-ordinator) if you are interested.


Microscopy. There’s the possibility of running a course in this. Again we need to know the potential interest. If this course was to run it will need a lot of planning and would take place late 2015 or early 2016. Let me know if interested here (Education Co-ordinator)

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