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For Beekeepers

Introduction to Beekeeping

Each year we run a course called Introduction to Beekeeping.   Over 10 weeks from January to March we  explain the life cycle of the honey  bee and cover the basics of beekeeping. This is just the start however as once the course is completed, we invite the class to our teaching  apiary.  Here they can get hands-on experience of managing honey bees under the guidance of our experienced beekeepers.

Should you then choose to join our branch we can help you find a suitable hive and source a colony of honey bees. During your first season  we expect you to keep the bees at the teaching apiary where, every Sunday between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon, a group of experienced  beekeepers will be on hand to help you manage your bees and learn the basic techniques of beekeeping.  In your second year you will move  your colony to a site of your choosing and we will help you by assigning an experienced mentor from the group to guide and assist you.