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Essential Items Purchase Scheme – Oxalic Acid

The aim is to provide a self funding/non profit making scheme to enable Branch members to purchase commonly used essential Bee Keeping supplies at reduced costs using the power of bulk purchasing to further the craft of beekeeping whilst reducing our environmental footprint.

 The scheme is offering to provide API-Bioxal in time for its use in late December 2016/early January 2017 after a few days of a cold snap when the hives should be broodless.  Oxalic acid in syrup solution can seriously damage your bees if the mixture is old (make it fresh as described below for each use).

 Oxalic acid should only be used during periods of minimal brood, ideally in the winter months. It is the intention to offer North Somerset Beekeepers, the opportunity to order 2 products as depicted and described below:


  1. API-Bioxal
    1. The only oxalic acid registered treatment for legally dealing with varroosis (reducing varroa)  
    2. Enough for 10 standard hives
    3. Expiry date: July 2018.
    4. 35 grams sufficient for 10 hives and should be dissolved in 500 ml of syrup. 500 ml of syrup should be made up by combining 308.6 grams of sugar with 308.6 grams of water.  For 2 hives, use 7 grams of API-Bioxal with 100 ml of syrup made by combining 62 grams of sugar with 62 grams of water.
    5. An alternative to following the exact volumes described above, you may measure and mix sugar and water in excess (for example 400g of sugar and 400 ml of water) and take just 500 ml of this solution to dissolve the 35 g sachet.
    6. Use Trickle 2 dispenser or syringe (see 2. below) dispensing 5 ml/seam of bees
    7. Keep remaining API-Bioxal powder in a safe dry place (well away from children)
    8. Cost £11.00

 Empty Trickle 2 dispenser

    1. Use to trickle with solution detailed below or practice trickling with water.
    2. Cost £1.50

Before use read:

Orders will be placed for the two products in early December 2016 to enable the ordered products to be collected before the end of December 2016.  Please sign up below

Oxalic acid treatment

Sign up below...

Oxalic #1: John B.
#2: Dick B.
#3: alison w.
#4: Apiary M.
#5: David C.
#6: Heather P.
#7: Gerry S.
#8: Garry P.
#9: Rob W.
#10: Annabel L.
#11: Scott F.
#12: Ginny G.
#13: Juliet C.
#14: Alison F.
#15: Mark Y.
#16: Neville L.
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#19: David A.

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