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Essential Items Purchase Scheme – Varroa treatment/Honey Jars/Ambrosia/Fondant 2017

The aim is to provide a self funding/non profit making scheme to enable Branch members to purchase commonly used essential Bee Keeping supplies at reduced costs using the power of bulk purchasing to further the craft of beekeeping whilst reducing our environmental footprint.
Items for the Scheme have been ordered for those members of North Somerset Beekeepers who have ordered.  We have managed to reduce some of the prices below those forecast due to bulk purchase and negotiation.  The revised prices or confirmation of price are shown below:
  • Varroa Treatment
    • MAQS strips (1 treatment per hive) @ £2.50/strip (STORAGE PERIOD LIMITED TO MARCH 2018)
      • MAQS (Varroa treatment strips, our local bee inspectors recommend the reduction of dosage to one strip/hive/7 day treatment period/can be used with honey supers on the hive/minimum temperature of 100C (you must read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions/maximum one year shelf life but can be less if product purchased has already aged)
    • Apiguard trays (2 required per hive) @ £2.00/tray (STORAGE PERIOD LIMITED TO APRIL 2019) REDUCED!
      • Apiguard (Varroa treatment trays, 2 trays/hive over a 4-6 weeks period/use after honey has been removed from the hive/minimum temperature of 150C/maximum 3 year shelf life but can be less if product purchased has already aged)
  • Honey jars with “gold” metallic lids (VERY LARGE STORAGE PERIOD)
    • 1lb. jars @ 30p/jar
    • ¾lb. jars @ 35p/jar 
    • ½lb. jars @ 25p/jar 
  • Bee nutrition
    • Ambrosia (14kg. in plastic non-returnable container) @ £13.65 (STORAGE PERIOD AT LEAST 18 MONTHS) REDUCED!
      • Made up exclusively of sucrose and its building blocks fructose and glucose. The high proportion of fructose means there is little tendency to granulate in the honeycombs, even at low temperatures and so prevents starvation of the bees.
    • Fondabee Fondant (2.5kg.) @ £2.80/2.5kg (STORAGE PERIOD AT LEAST 18 MONTHS) REDUCED!

      Essential Items Purchase Scheme 2017/1 - Varroa Treatment/Honey jars/Ambrosia/Fondant

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