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First swarm of the season?

I was sat at my desk yesterday and saw what looked like scout bees flying in a characteristic flight pattern in the car park, and hawking up and down the road. I wondered around but saw nothing. Shame.

This afternoon Me Julie texted me. Swarm at Worle! I arrived directly from work. A good size in a tiny cherry tree. I quickly assembled my flat-pack box shook the majority in and let them do the rest. The swarm was in a public area in front of some houses. Lots of kids and adults came to see, they were all very interested and very relaxed around the bees. About 90 minutes later they were in the back of the car and 15 minutes later, marching into a Nuc.

So, have you checked your colony for queen cells yet? Don’t forget to ask for help if you are unsure….

Adrian Wells


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