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For Teachers and Youth Group Leaders


Young people are usually fascinated by honey bees. We have beekeepers that can come and:

  • Give a demonstration to a class
  • Talk to an assembly about beekeeping
  • Explore the contents of a bee hive
  • Give a talk to your youth group

If you live in the North Somerset or South Bristol area and would like further information about what we can provide then contact:

or phone Rob Francis on 01275462914

We have devised a leaflet that gives basic information about the honey bee. It is designed for children over the age of eight. You can download it here

There are many good YouTube videos that introduce the natural history of the honey bee.

Two good ones to start with about the Natural history of the honey bee are:

We have also produced two videos that might interest you.

A Journey into a Beehive

How to catch a swarm