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Grafting – Queen rearing update from Adrian Wells

Here’s an update from Adrian, which forms part of the Queen Rearing Group and their work:-

I eventually got around to attempting to graft today. I intended trying for ten, but only managed to pull half that number of 1 day-old larvae.

I was doing this outside beside the hive with a veil on and a head-mounted magnifier inside the veil, what with glasses as well, it was not comfortable.

I found the cells to be very delicate and put this down to them being very warm and on virgin comb that had not been built on foundation, so the bottom of the cell was too easy to push through.

In future I will look for donor larvae that are in older comb, and so reinforced with old cocoons too; this should make for an easier transfer.

The process of choosing and eventually lifting the larvae took much longer than I expected, depositing them into the cups was much easier.

I’ll let you know if they take.


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