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Hive Alive – BBC Two – Tuesday

BBC 2, 8pm Tuesday.


From the BBC website:-

“Honeybees are amongst the most amazing animals on the planet – but how much do we really know about this iconic insect of British summer?

At the height of midsummer, the busiest time for Britain’s honeybees, Chris Packham, Martha Kearney and Professor Adam Hart lift the lid on the beehive to reveal its hidden secrets. Using an arsenal of cutting edge technology they find out how bees navigate, raise their young and make honey.

Episode one looks at the different roles that honeybees perform in the hive. Adam will be tagging and numbering the bees so that they can be followed individually.

The team learn how bees and flowers have evolved a mutually beneficial relationship and how honeybees find their way to flowers using a combination of senses, way beyond human perception. Chris visits a wild honeybees’ nest, getting a close look through an endoscope camera, to see how it is constructed.

They also discover how honeybees use coded messages to communicate with one another, whether humans can read this special language and how bees use their bodies as air-conditioning units, to keep their hive at exactly the right temperature. Finally, they learn how to choose the very best garden plants to attract and benefit the bees.”


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